It’s that time of year! The CSA is holding its annual elections for executive positions on Tuesday, March 29th at 5 pm in McLennan M3-17A. Nomination period is from Monday, March 14th to Friday, March 25th. Send your bios to classics.students.mcgill@gmail.com.

Even if you don’t intend to run for a position, come out and flex your democratic muscles by voting – anyone currently enrolled in the Classics program is eligible. There will be snacks!


The positions and nominations are as follows:


President : Runs the show, coordinates things between the CSA, the AUS, the Department of History and Classical Studies, and basically is in charge of all the stuff. Responsibilities include: attending departmental meetings, delegating, organizing the Colloquium. Should have leadership skills, organization and love writing/responding to emails.

  • Zoe Blecher-Cohen: My name is Zoe Blecher-Cohen and I am interested in serving as next year’s president of the CSA. I have a lot of experience with running departmental associations, such as serving as president to the CSA. In addition, I also have experience with interacting with professors, such as the Classics professors. Finally, I can and will pretty much devote my life to running the CSA, as evidenced by my performance this past year as president of the CSA. And I like Classics puns – what could be better?

VP Finance : Oversees the fiscal management of CSA operations. Basically is in charge of money, budgeting and writing funding applications. VP Finances should be organized and good with math (obviously).

  • Corey Straub: To start my bank account has never been negative, but if that isn’t good enough for you, I have two years experience as a fiscal officer and another year’s experience as administrative assistant on student government. During this time my responsibilities included: preparing and implementing committee budgets; keeping order of all records, files and documents, including financial records and transactions; and submitting records and applications to directors within the College. I also accidently took a Computer Applications for Commerce Students class, though I was not in commerce, where I learned the ins and outs of the Microsoft applications like Excel, Word and Access. If you still aren’t convinced, just take my word that my fiscal abilities are, like the coin introduced by Diocletian, solid-us.

VP Internal : Coordinates all of the CSA’s internal operations. This includes everything from apparel orders to booking samosa tables to taking notes at meetings.

  • Laurel Crichton Mailey: My name is Laurel Crichton Mailey and I am going into my fourth year at McGill. I am looking to become more involved in the McGill community by running for VP internal. I am a very organized person and I live on making lists. I work well with others with my camp counsellor position and with that I understand that a lot has to go on in the background to make events happen. My future goals are to become a teacher and I believe that this position will help me understand the inner workings of departments. VP internal would allow me to have a voice within the Classics Department with my organizational skills.
  • Molly Rosenzweig: My name is Molly Rosenzweig and I’m interested in running for the position of VP Internal. I enjoy arranging events, taking notes, and already have some ideas on the organization of the apparel orders in the future. I have previously worked with the administration of an adoption agency, and hope that this experience will help in the organization and planning of internal CSA structures. I also have experience in writing Latin curse tablets. Regarding Classics, my interests primarily lie in Ancient Greek and Latin, the Iliad, and Ovid’s Heroides. Outside of Classics I generally like playing sports (it’s the only time I’ll willingly run), reading books, eating, napping, and examines ad tabernam.

VP External: Attends AUS Council meetings, is the liaison between the CSA and the AUS. Should not have things to do on Wednesday nights and enjoy student politics!

  • A sad, lonely, empty void….

VP Events : In charge of events, of both an academic and social nature. Examples: movie nights, pub nights, anything you can think of! VP Events should be motivated and creative!

  • Cyrena Gerardi: I am currently in the first year of my second degree. During my 5 years at McGill I have accumulated a substantial amount of experience in student associations. I have held positions in administrative business as Registrar for my sorority, I sat on the Standards committee and the Events committee. I held the position of VP External Affairs for the SSMU affiliated Club IGLC.  In Cegep I also held an executive position for a student run theatre club and in high shcool I sat on the student governing board and acted as a student liaison for The Riverside School Board officials. I am bilingual in English and French so there shouldn’t be any language barriers when having to deal with the other universities.

    I hope to bring what I have learned over the years to the CSA to help improve the running of the organisation, communication between officers and plan some Bacchanalian events 😉 without the explicit sex or sacrifices though… No Eyes Wide Shut masks and games but Togas work!

VP Communications : Writes the listserv in a hilarious, pithy manner; helps with other means of methods of CSA publicity, ex. posters, website, Facebook page, etc. Should love puns and dorky Classics jokes.

  • Tess Kaiser: My name is Tess Kaiser and I’m running for VP Communications for the CSA! I’m a huge fan of Classics puns and spend way too much time finding new ones. I’d love to be a part of the CSA, and to get important information out in a fun way (that rhymed – poeta sum). My interests in Classics mostly lie in Classical Literature and Latin, but are always expanding. I am also a certified Bacchant and can best be described ἡ λακἐρυζα as during exam seasons. I look forward to elections!
  • Maya Keshav: Salvete! My name is Maya Keshav, and I’d like be VP Communications for the CSA. If I’m not puzzling over gerunds and gerundives, I’m probably birdwatching or acting or trying to speak French but getting confused with Latin and speaking a strange mixture of languages. My dream job would be to study the sociolinguistics of the classical world. What did the Romans think about people who spoke regional dialects of Latin? How did they use slang? Was Latin grammar influenced by languages spoken in the places colonized by Rome? If I’m elected as your VP communications, I’ll do my best to write listservs at least more entertaining than Caesar’s Bellum Gallicum, if not quite as entertaining as Catullus 16.
  • Celia Taylor: I am a Classics major about to complete my second year of studies at McGill, and plan to go on to get an Honours degree in Classics. I’ve spent the past year acting as Undergraduate Representative for the CSA. I would love the opportunity to become more involved, and am interested in continuing to help promote CSA activities and events around campus.Personally, I consider myself to be capable of producing any number of listservs written in a hilarious & pithy manner. I also love puns and dorky Classics jokes. (At the very last CSA meeting, in fact, I related an anecdote concerning Cicero walking into a sushi shop, which contained large quantities of both pith and hilarity.)

    Also, I include 3 long lost limericks, hand-crafted by myself just now, for your delectation and edification.

    P. Claudius Pulcher was stricken
    By the apathy of his poor chickens,
    So he cried “Let ’em drink!”
    In the sea they did sink,
    At Drepana, he then took a lickin’. 

    Agrippina’s son Nero outgrew her
    Interference, and sought to subdue her,
    He did not slit her throat:
    A collapsible boat
    Was the means which he used to undo her. 

    When Demeter’s daughter was snatched,
    To her snatcher she soon grew attached,
    And their marriage is why
    As I write this, the sky,
    With great gloomy snow-clouds is patched. 

VP Academic: Represents the CSA at Classics Committee meetings, and helps to promote academic events and activities.

  • David Douglas: Salutations to all. I am running to represent you as VP Academic on the CSA executive council next year. What you should know about me:I will be entering my fourth year at McGill as a Classics major next year, and my second as Latin and Greek tutor for the department. During my time here, I have had the opportunity to sample nearly the full range of Classics courses available to undergraduates, and have come to know the department particularly well. This means that, as VP Academic, I will be in the ideal position to address concerns about the Classics curriculum offered at McGill, and discuss potential improvements to that curriculum with our professors. Whatever your concerns, I am sure you will find me able to relate, having myself enjoyed — or suffered through, as the case may be — the educational journeys upon which you may just now be embarking. Valete et requiescite in arbitrio meo.
  • Daniel Whittle: My name is Daniel Whittle and I will be running for re-election for the position of VP Academic. I am capable of this position, I can speak fluently with Professors in one language. Please Vote.


The positions all overlap to some degree, and the whole CSA works very collaboratively. If you have any questions about the positions or would just like to chat a little more about them, feel free to email classics.students.mcgill@gmail.com, or check out this expanded list of the executive duties.


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