The Classics Students Association was established in 2006 to allow students who love the Ancient Mediterranean World in all its aspects (languages, history, art, philosophy, etc) to come together to form a vibrant, dynamic student community. Our objective is to make Classics more visible and accessible on campus, organizing events of a social and academic nature that will both further the study of the ancient world and enrich student life. One of the CSA’s largest projects is the annual Montreal Classics Colloquium. The CSA is open to any students in any classics program (Major, Minor, or Honours).

We routinely hold wine and cheeses, pub nights, the ever popular ancient history movie nights, trivia nights, translation groups, and sponsor guest lectures from visiting scholars.

Some background on the history of the study of Classics at McGill:

The study of the languages, history and culture of ancient Greece and Rome has a long tradition at McGill. Classics was among the first disciplines taught at McGill College. It was established in 1834, when James A.B. Ramsey became the first Professor of Classical Literature and History, nine years before the Faculty of Arts opened. Today, Classics and Ancient History are housed in the Department of History and Classical Studies. Our students benefit from the resources of closely related disciplines and draw on the academic expertise of scholars from various backgrounds.

Studies in Classical antiquity touch the core of many disciplines in the Humanities. We offer a wide range of courses in Greek and Latin, classical literature, mythology, ancient history and modern Greek. Our classes are strongly inspired by inquiry-based learning and interdisciplinarity. You will also discover that our approaches go beyond the traditional study of the ancient world.

For more information about how the CSA is run, please check out our Constitution.


  • Most Outstanding Departmental Association (Small) – 2016-2017
  • Most Oustanding Academic Event – Montreal Classics Colloquium, 2016-2017
  • Most Oustanding Departmental Executive – Corey Straub (VP Finance), 2016-2017
  • Most Outstanding Departmental Association (Small) – 2014-2015
  • Most Outstanding Academic Event – Montreal Classics Colloquium, 2014-2015