The Executive Committee is in charge of the daily running of the CSA. Elections take place in April of every year for our titled positions (President, VP Internal, VP External, VP Finance, VP Events, VP Communications, VP Academic) and in the fall for our members at large. Contact information for the executive can be found here.



Zoe Blecher-Cohen

zoe-headshotZoe is more than happy to continue her reign as consul for the second time this year and would like to casually mention that it doesn’t count as ambitus unless there’s a trial. As is widely accepted, the CSA *is* Zoe’s life, so if she can’t be found in LEA 817, she’s probably at home cuddling her cat, Jedi, and checking e-mails every 2 seconds. Zoe can also be easily bribed/appeased with cats, coffee, Catullus, cuddles, correct grammar, Classics puns, and/or chocolate.

VP Internal

Molly Rosenzweig

molly-headshotMolly is in her fourth year at McGill, majoring in Classical Languages and minoring in German. She was dragged to the edges of the classics whirlpool in freshman year of high school, when she started Latin, but it was ultimately a Greek literature course in her senior year that sucked her in. She is from Chicago, is perpetually tan, and can be found either in Leacock 817, in class, asleep, or at the gym playing intramural volleyball. Other hobbies include horseback riding, sailing, eating, cooking, eating, sleeping, and long walks on the beach. She’s a taurus, and yes, it matters. A lot.

VP External
Claudia Shek

claudia-headshotClaudia is a U2 Classics/Political Science major and third culture kid whose love affair with the ancient world began with the epithet “Ino of the slim ankles” (Odyssey 5). She continues to expand her Classical education by complaining about Latin, complaining about Greek, and making memes about Commodus. When not reading about Roman Britain, she can be found drinking coffee at AUS meetings like an aristocrat drinking wine at symposiums. Her non-academic interests include free pizza, ‘80s Cantopop, and looking at pictures of Highland cows.

VP Events

Cyrena Gerardi

cyrena-headshotA real life Spartan woman who borrows her name from the Greek colony off the coast of northern Africa, Cyrena is your co-VP Events alongside Laurel. She is a second year classics major who prefers the Iliad to the Odyssey, Euripides to Aristophanes and thinks Antinous is quite the pretty boy.

Laurel Crichton-Mailey

laurelLaurel Crichton Mailey is a fourth year Classics Major. She is a very involved person and decided that she wanted to be incorporated with the academic side of McGill. Laurel is very excited to be apart of the Classics Student Association as one of the VP Events. She is an enthusiastic and sociable person who has always loved being involved in group events. As VP events, Laurel will be organizing fun and interesting events for the Classic Students to allow them to meet the exec, the professors as well as their fellow students.

VP Communications

Celia Taylor

headshot-of-meCelia is in her third year of a major in Classics and a minor in Theatre, and she hails from Edmonton, a city which doesn’t really know where you are, either. Celia enjoys Julio-Claudians, silly Hellenistic novels, and any battle with elephants in it. She can usually be found crying about Greek verbs.

VP Finance
Corey Straub


Corey is not actually a classics student but we’re keeping that on the DL. He actually studies the Ancient History and the Anthropology of Food. Corey loves cooking, yoga and expanding the empire. He’s from the South Shore, and so is completely bilingual. Corey is in his final year and is super excited to both graduate and serve as VP Finance.

VP Academic 

David Douglas

Editor-in-Chief of Hirundo

Harrison Brewer

harrison-headshotHarrison is a second year classics and art history student from London, UK. He is also an aries. He likes bacchanals, and he loves poetry and long walks on the beach.



First Year Rep: Neha Rahman


Neha is a U0 Arts student from Toronto, currently serving as a member at large/ first year rep on the CSA. Neha is a Romanist stuck in a Hellenistic World. Although, she will concede that she loves the Greek tragedians more than life itself (Sophocles and his mercifully short choral odes being her favourite), and feels that the meme potential of the Classical Athenian stage has yet to be explored in academia and is ready to take on that vital task in the years to come.

First Year Rep: Sara Merker

screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-4-39-15-pmSara is a U1 student at McGill who has a huge place in her heart for Rome and only recently has begun to discover the beauty of Greek culture. Above all, Sara has her eye out for formulating conspiracy theories in texts that call for it. Mulling over the seemingly petty details in texts invigorates her and drives her passion to discover these lost worlds. Language, Literature, History, Philosophy, Religion. The classics have it all!

Minor Rep: Catherine LaRivière


Catherine is a second-year student at McGill with a major in Art History and a minor in Classics. She takes interest in studying the Late Republic and the dawn of European Modernism for their matching themes of “we don’t like what you’re doing so we’re just gonna muck it up bit by bit until it’s too far gone.” She also is keen on the masochistic practice/fun-for-the-whole-family puzzle that is translating Latin. Key to this girl’s heart? Bad puns, even worse memes, and an XL Tim’s Double-Double.

Minor Rep: Manuela Galindo-Carvajal


Manuela is classics trash, but she’s the good kind of trash. The sort you’d find in a dump in oxyrhynchus. She’s wanted to study the Roman Republic since she was this tall, which is, incidentally, the same height she is now. This is her third year at McGill.



Major Rep: Tess Kaiser


Tess is one of the Major Representatives for Classics this year, and is very excited to be working with the CSA! She likes Classical Archaeology, doing her taxes, oregano, and Roman Emperor Caligula. She looks forward to meeting more people in the Classics Department and to the destruction of Carthage.

Major Rep: Marina Saunders


Marina is a third year Classics student minoring in German Language. She enjoys torturing herself with taking too many language classes at once. She can be found at the nearest source of caffeine possibly crying about Latin. She enjoys Latin puns, talking about Alexander the Great and translating German humour. And the answer to the question is yes that’s an Australian accent.

Honours Rep: Daniel Whittle


Daniel is, indeed, an openly glasses wearing Englishman from Regina, Saskatchewan. He is a joint honours in History and Classics and he is in U3. He prefers blue to green, and believes that Greece is better than Rome and the Aeneid is nothing compared to the Iliad!


Honours Rep: Maya Keshav


Maya hails from Waterloo, Ontario, which you have probably never heard of, unless you have. A classics & linguistics double major, she is probably analyzing your accent but is too shy to say so.