The Executive Committee is in charge of the daily running of the CSA. Elections take place in April of every year for our titled positions (President, VP Internal, VP External, VP Finance, VP Events, VP Communications, VP Academic) and in the fall for our members at large. Contact information for the executive can be found here.


President – Daniel Whittle

Dan “Please don’t be disarmed by his youthful appearance, Daniel is a 50-year-old man trapped in a 22-year-old’s body. He is singlehandedly going to bring Ancient Greek philology back into the mainstream, with a little tech support from his friends. Catch him poring over papyri or grumbling about grammar as he serves his term as President of the CSA (technically).” – Neha (Daniel’s number one fan)



VP Internal – Neha Rahman


Neha is prepared to challenge your notions of what a classicist should be! Considering herself a fairy contemporary person, she memorizes her Greek conjugation charts to hip hop music while patiently awaiting the robot apocalypse.


VP External – Chip Smith


Chip is a U0 Arts student from Saint John, New Brunswick and his love for Roman politics and government is still greater than the amount of coffee he consumes during midterm season. When not debating about who the best Emperor of Rome was, he can be found on the squash courts, the ski hill or in a coffee shop enjoying a latte and reading about politics.




VP Events – Marina Saunders


Marina is U3 student in Honours Classics and minoring in German Language. She enjoys both wine and cheese which qualifies her as VP Events. She enjoys being a mom friend, taking on too many languages at the same time, and a diet that consists mostly of Chef on Call and coffee.



VP Events – Courtney MarriottIMG_4708

Courtney is a U1, she was born in Ajax, Ontario (fitting, she knows), she likes anything to do with Ancient Greek Literature, and finds it a bit odd to be writing about herself in the third person… so she is going to stop here.



VP Communications – Celia Taylor



Celia is in her fourth year of a major in Classics and a minor in Theatre, and she hails from Edmonton, a city which doesn’t really know where you are, either. Celia enjoys Julio-Claudians, silly Hellenistic novels, and any battle with elephants in it. She can usually be found crying about Greek verbs.


VP Finance – Claudia Shek


U3 Student of Classics & Political Science, First of Her Name (at McGill), the Unwavering Romanist, Queen of McLennan 5th Floor, Protector of the CSA Treasury, Breaker of Cashbox Keys, and Mother of Mediocre Bios. (Also still a fan of highland cows.)


VP Academic – Alexis Vachon

Half-French and half-English, with a drop of Amerindian blood, born in Québec, who lived in Wales and studied in China, Alexis is now finishing up his undergraduate studies back in Montréal. Area of studies include globalization, intercultural connexions, imperialism, and localism.


Editor-in-Chief of Hirundo – Ella Hartsoe




First Year Rep: Jaya Bonelli

IMG_4598Jaya is a French U1 student from Budapest, Hungary. Somehow pursuing a Joint Honours in Math and Computer Science, she’s been hooked on the Ancient World ever since Latin class in seventh grade. If she’s not in her natural habitat (6th floor McLennan), she’s probably running between Leacock and Adams with ice cream from Frostbite, watching 1960s Italian movies, or falling on ice on rue University.


First Year Rep: Kaitlin Wong



Minor Rep: Catherine LaRivière


Catherine is a third year student majoring in Art History and minoring in Classics. She enjoys studying the Late Republic and the dawn of European Modernism for their matching theme of “we don’t like what you’re doing so we’re just gonna muck it up bit by bit until it’s too far gone.” She also loves the masochistic practice/fun-for-the-whole-family puzzle that is translating Latin. Key to her heart? Bad puns, worse memes, and an XL Tim’s Double-Double.

Minor Rep: Meghan O’Donnell


Meghan is a U1 Classics student who dove headfirst into Classics very recently. While she can’t say if she’s more of a Greek or Roman gal yet, she can say that Sappho has utterly won her heart. If she’s not tucked away on campus drinking absurd amounts of coffee, she’s probably at home cuddling her hedgehog.


Major Rep: Georgia Jones

IMG_4582Georgia is a U1 Classics and Linguistics student from Derbyshire, England/Providence, RI. She has never taken a history course at McGill so misses out on most classics jokes but laughs along anyways. She is studying classical language and linguistics in a futile attempt to identify her own accent. Georgia enjoys rowing, sleeping, and eating Nutella out of the tub.



Major Rep: Katie Friedman


Katie is a fourth year Classics and Linguistics student and is happy to have joined the CSA as Major Rep this year! She really loves the Classics department and has enjoyed getting to know so many intelligent, funny, and kind people this year.



Honours Rep: Avery Warkentin



Avery is a second year Classics and History kid who hails from outside of Vancouver and who blames her initial infatuation with the Ancient World on a certain fedora-wearing, whip-slinging archaeologist. Besides Dr. Jones, she enjoys Hellenistic art, freshly baked rye bread, Latin love elegy, and composting.



Honours Rep: Jeanne Savard-DéryIMG_4710

Jeanne is a U2 Honours Classics student minoring in Medieval Studies and born in Québec city. From Ancient Greek to Medieval French, studying one too many languages is no stranger to her. Although she may eventually succumb to an amour courtois in translation, there is nothing more thrilling for her than reading a naturalist, Émile Zola novel on a snowy Winter evening.