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CSA Exec '22-23

The Executive Committee is in charge of the daily running of the CSA. Elections take place in April of every year for our titled positions (President, VP Internal, VP External, VP Finance, VP Events, VP Communications, VP Academic) and in the fall for our members at large. Contact information for the executives can be found here.

President – Audrey Michel (she/her)

Claiming she hates being “bored,” Audrey is pursuing a double degree in Music and Honors Classics. She can often be spotted walking through campus in her statement headphones, listening to anything from psychedelic rock to Beethoven, and dreaming about a non-overpriced cortado. She would love to chat with you about anything McGill, Classics, or otherwise-related—but be warned, she will use it as an opportunity to propagate her opinion that Ancient Greece is far superior to Rome.

VP Internal – Emma Weiser (she/her)

Emma, a second-year Joint Honours student in Classics and English literature, hails from the South Shore of Montreal. She loves a strong cup of black tea (with a splash of milk, of course), classical reception, Homeric Greek, and Tennyson’s Ulysses. She hates humidity, non-platform footwear, forgetting her umbrella, and Ancient Greek particles. Catch her in 817, furiously trying to complete her translations before class.

VP External – Zoe Louchet (she/her)

Zoe is a third year student from France pursuing an Honors Classics degree with a History Minor. Ever since she can remember she’s been a greek mythology nerd and has loved everything to do with the classical world. She is adamant that Producers should look no further for the next “Game of Thrones” TV show when there is so much over-the-top crazy dramatic material in Roman or Ptolemaic history. Zoe doesn’t know where she’ll up in the future but that’s ok because she loves what’s she doing right now!

VP Events – Shaam Beed (he/him)

Shaam Beed is a U2 Classics student from New Jersey. He learned about Classics a bit late (while he was applying to universities), but now he loves studying the Latin language, immersing himself in ancient history, and appreciating the art of antiquity. Outside of Classics, Shaam likes visiting libraries, trying new foods, and watching friendly baking competitions of the British kind!

VP Events – Gabrielle Lepage (she/her)

Gabrielle Lepage is from Vancouver Island, BC. She is pursuing a double major in classics/sociology and minor in social entrepreneurship. She first became interested in classics when she took a classical archaeology course and the rest was history 😉

VP Communications – Madison Laxer (she/her)

Madison is a third year student pursuing a degree in Honours Classics with a minor in Art History. She discovered the field of Classics in her first year at Dawson College and instantly fell in love with its interdisciplinary nature, and now struggles when needing to choose a favourite topic under the larger Classics umbrella. Lover of ancient poetry and little trinkets, you can catch her speed walking around campus while mumbling Ancient Greek verb endings under her breath.

Acting VP Finance –  Jenna Dube (they/them)

Originally from New Hampshire, Jenna is a U3 student majoring in Honours Classics and minoring in Hispanic studies. They first got into Classics with D’Aulaires Book of Greek Myths and the Percy Jackson series, but nowadays they primarily stick to the Roman side of the discipline, with an emphasis on ancient conceptions of gender and identity.

VP Academic – Charlène Frigon-Beaupré (she/they)

Charlène is a third-year student pursuing an Honours in Classics and a minor in Medieval Studies. Somewhat of a homebody, she spends her free time making baklavas, tending to her plants, and re-watching Hannibal NBC for the nth time. With her tattered copy of Learn to Read Latin always near at hand, she never misses an opportunity to quote her beloved Keller & Russell— she persists in this obsession despite numerous interventions by her peers and professors alike. Hardcore linguaphile and Indo-European enthusiast, she dreams of deciphering the elusive Minoan Linear A. For now, this future Michael Ventris contents herself with overloading her schedule with language courses and crying over Greek morphology.


Hirundo Editor in Chief –  Audrey Michel

Volare Editor in Chief – Madison Laxer


*Elections for the 2022-2023 team to be held in the Fall!

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