Executive Candidates

Nominations for the CSA executive board closed last night, and we have several great candidates. However, we are still missing someone to fill the position of VP External. If you would be interested in running, please contact the CSA at classics.students.mcgill@gmail.com. Below are the current candidates’ platforms.

President: Madeline Warner

Hello members of the CSA!!

I would like to nominate myself, Maddy Warner for the position of President of the CSA 2015.

A die-hard Classicist, I am well-versed in not one, but two dialects of Latin: Classical and Pig. I am coming up on my third year as a Classics Major, and am very active in the History and Classics communities. Despite my studies coming to an end by January, I intend to serve you as faithfully as a well-paid hoplite through that time! Not only can I rock a good email, but am very passionate about this department. I intend to open every meeting with a prayer to Mithras, and promise to “install vending machines in the hallways” (a pretty great promise since they’re already there). I would be proud to be the next recipient of the Olympic torch that is the CSA Presidency. Any and all questions you have, please ask! (Provided the proper sacrifices are made.)

Follow me on twitter: @ToHellasAndBack

President: Zoe Blecher-Cohen

Salvete Plebs! The legions on the Rhine and in Pannonia have declared their allegiance to my claim as Imperator, ergo it would be best for all involved to avoid civil war ala AD 69, 193, etc.

In order to maintain the facade of the Republic and your influence on the outcome of ‘elections’, I shall list my qualifications.

I am currently a second year here majoring in Classics and Psychology, as well as your current Quaestor/VP Finance and former member-at-large. I have been a dedicated Classics scholar (read: nerd) since grade 6 when I began learning linguam Latinam – I was at various times senator, quaestor, aedile, and co-consul, in high school as well (fo realz, we used official titles).

I am confident that I have the skills and experience to lead us into a Nea Pax Romana and instead of finding LEA 629 brick and leaving it marble, I find it somewhat cramped and hope to leave it less cramped and more organized.

I invite you to ask any and all questions you may have of me here, since this is pretty much the closest we’ll get to a rostra. Or come visit LEA 629 since I spend most of my life there anyway. An emperor is nothing if they are not available to the people.

VP Academic / Events: Alexis Lemonde Vachon

Χαίρετε classicists! My name is Alexis Lemonde and it would be my great pleasure to help furthermore the CSA by representing you all next year in the Classics Committee meetings as VP Academic.

These last two semesters as member-at-large of the CSA and my previous experiences of student politics in College, I believe, will help me to better understand and improve our association. I intend to continue promoting the outstanding academic events in History and Classics that we are having here at McGill, and closely work in partnership with the professors of this department.

VP Academic / Events: Daniel Whittle


My name is Daniel Whittle and I will be running from the position of VP Academic. Unless of course Alexis runs for this position as I do not want to get on the wrong side of him because he scares me… Then I would run for VP Communications. But whatever position I am told to run for by Alexis, I will accept it willingly. For Marcus Aurelius once said “Accept the things to which fate binds you” and this I will do. I think I would be good in the position of VP Academic because I will be running unopposed (most likely), and anyone looks good compared to no alternative. With this in mind, between the choice of no one or myself I hope that I can be considered for the position of VP Academic.



VP Communications: Edward Ross

Hello fellow Plebeians! My name is Edward and I am a U1 Classics/Religious Studies student running to be your VP Communications. My experiences as editor and graphics designer for several yearbook and campus magazines have given me the capability to create high-quality posters and publications that will reek of classic-y goodness. I have also worked extensively with social media, and would be able to create and maintain a good CSA social media presence keeping all the senators from killing each other. Furthermore, I am very organized and artistic, and this would translate to my listservs which would be not only concise, but attractive and attention grabbing to keep you timely informed in the case of a revolt against the emperor.

Thank you for your time,


VP Internal: Samuel Low-Chappell

Hi Classics crew,My name is Sam Low-Chappell, I’m in my second year and I’m double majoring in Classics and Computer Science. I just saw on the facebook page that there are a bunch of VP spots open that no one is running for, and that’s a major bummer! I’d be happy to fill one of the roles, preferably VP Internal, if you need someone for the spot. I’m very well organized–I worked as a financial and secretarial assistant at a grant writing business for two and a half years in high school and over the past summer. In high school I held officer positions for various student groups including President of the World Cultures Club, Vice President of FBLA, and Varsity captain of the school soccer team. I gained leadership experience in each of these positions that I hope to bring to the CSA. In my free time I like to visit used bookstores in my tireless efforts to rebuild the library of Alexandria, get oiled up and compete in athletic events (Namely soccer and frisbee, usually without the oil. Usually.), and occasionally go raid Ctesiphon. But, that doesn’t keep me occupied enough so I’d like to help you all too! If I can fill a role, I’d be happy to!
That being said, if you don’t vote for me I will be forced to ask my Centuwion to stwike you, vewy woughly, and no one wants that.
Sam Low-Chappell

VP External: Vacant

VP Finance: Vacant


Elections will take place on Monday, March 30th at 5:00pm in Leacock 817. All Classics majors and minors are eligible to vote, as is anyone who has taken a Classics course in the past year. Voting is normally done in person; however, if you cannot make it and absolutely must vote, please contact the CSA to arrange to cast a ballot.

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