Editor-in-Chief Application – Hirundo

The Hirundo party is just around the corner, which means that a new editor-in-chief will be selected for the upcoming 2015-2016 academic year! Hirundo is the award-winning undergraduate McGill Journal of Classical Studies, and seeks contributions from students and alumni related to the ancient Mediterranean world. Essays on Classical art and literature, ancient European and Near Eastern history from the prehistoric through late antique periods, religious studies, ancient philosophy, and the Classical tradition are welcome.

The deadline to apply is March 25.

The Editor-In-Chief:

– will plan and attend all editorial meetings
– oversee the planning and production of the journal
– is expected to encourage students and community members to contribute to Hirundo
– is expected to keep all internal information concerning the editorial board confidential
– is expected to respond to all emails within 48 hours
– is responsible for responding to general questions or inquiries from students or organizations.
– plan the budget; must record and track all expenses related to Hirundo
– is expected to ensure all editors complete their responsibilities to the best of their ability and agrees to take on any failed editorial responsibilities
– is expected to train and aid all members of Hirundo in any matter which an editor requires assistance. If the Editor-In-Chief has a special skill set which would be of use to editors to learn including but not limited to: photography, graphic design, media relations, advertising, bake sales, the Editor-In-Chief is encouraged to train willing Section Editors
– must plan and attend the launch party that takes place in April.

Application Form

Thank you for your application!

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