Montreal Classics Colloquium

The McGill Classics Students’ Association, l’association étudiante des études classiques de l’Université de Montréal and the Concordia Classics Students’ Association are excited to present the VII Inter-University Classics Colloquium. Featuring speakers from all three schools, the conference will be hosted at McGill on March 19, followed by a keynote speech by Dr. Melanie Racette Campbell (Concordia) on “Reconstructing Cicero’s Manhood: The Post-Exile Speeches” and a reception afterwards. L’Université de Montréal will host on March 20. The Colloquium now also has a website – check it out for updates and archives

Day 1: March 19, 10-4pm in room 404, Thomson House 3560 MacTavish

Day 2. March 20, 11-5pm in local 515-43, 3744 Jean Brilliant

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