What is Love? The CSA and HSA Present an Academic Round Table on Love, Eroticism, and Sex


In an age where we spend our Valentine’s Days swiping right on Tinder, re-financing our student loans to take bae to Juliette et Chocolat, and live-tweeting bizarre emotional reactions to The Notebook, it’s always nice to see how love used to be. Professors Lynn Kozak and Michael Fronda from Classics will be joining Professors Griet Vankeerberghen and Brian Lewis on Thursday 5 February to discuss topics surrounding the countless manifestations of love: platonic, romantic, homoerotic, neurotic, etc.

So far I know that Professor Kozak will be performing and discussing Greek love poetry, and I can guarantee that the other three topics will be just as interesting: Fronda, Vankeerberghen, and Lewis are specialists in Roman history, ancient Chinese conjugal relations, and British queer history respectively.

Candy and light snacks will be served. Feel free to invite friends, your awkward date, as the event is open to the public.

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