Classics Apparel Available!

Get your fill of amazing Classics-related garb from the McGill CSA! We are offering hoodies, toques and t-shirts (with appropriately witty slogans). These make great holiday gifts, or they can even be a stylish gift to yourself for surviving the semester. Orders will close Monday, November 10, so get yours in soon (expect delivery around the first week of December). You can submit an order and find more details here.

Below are some examples of what the apparel will look like (note that these are not exact!):

Hoodie: The hoodie will be pullover style with a hood and pouch pocket, and are available in red, grey and black. Hoodies have “McGill Classics” embroidered in white thread (for red and black versions) and red thread (for grey version). Style will be similar to the History version below.







T-Shirt: This is the “catalog” version of the t-shirt. We will be offering it in red and grey and black, with the Latin or Greek text silk-screened across the chest in white.








Toque: This is what the red version will look like, with the embroidery in white thread on the band. The grey version will be the same style, but with grey and dark grey as the two colours. The black version will be entirely black.


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