Citizens and Commoners in Ancient Greece, Rome, and China

rsz_document3The McGill Department of History and Classics will be hosting a workshop entitled “Citizens and Commoners in Ancient Greece, Rome, and China” as part of the ongoing Global Antiquities research network. This will take place from October 22-24, with the keynote speech being given by Josiah Ober of Stanford University on October 22 at 17:00 in the Salon of the Desmarais Building (Musee des beaux arts). The full schedule is available here.

“Global Antiquities is a research network that is situated at the junctures of cultural reflection today. Directed by Professors Hans Beck 貝漢思 and Griet Vankeerberghen 方麗特 from McGill’s Department of History and Classical Studies, the network explores the history of ancient societies from a comparative perspective. In doing so, it calls for a sustained study of some of the most basic cultural foundations of the modern world. While aiming at the production of new academic knowledge, the network also employs knowledge of past cultures to make it relevant to the intellectual and moral reflections that accompany forces of globalization.

The symposium is made possible by the Towards Citizenship Trust, generously established by Dr. Yan P. Lin in the Faculty of Arts at McGill University.”


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