McGill Language, Literature and Cultures Apartment Crawl

It’s back and better than ever! McGill’s Language, Literature, and Culture (LLC) Associations are pleased to bring you another Apartment Crawl for Fall 2014! This event was named the Most Outstanding Collaborative Event of the Arts Undergrad Society (AUS) and we are thrilled to be bringing it back again.

Proudly presented by…

CSA (Latin/Ancient Greek)
CLASHSA (Spanish/Portuguese)
DESA (English)
EASSA (Chinese, Korean, Japanese)
GSA (German)
RUSS (Russian)
SLASA (Spanish/Portuguese)
MMSA (Spanish)

Come explore the plateau and meet new friends in the language departments at McGill! There will be free food and beverages at each stop, each one themed with the different cultures represented with each. Registration is open to all students!

10$ tickets, available 12-2pm at the AUS lounge starting Monday 10/6!

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