CSA Elections

It’s that time of year! The CSA is holding its annual elections for executive positions. It’s an excellent time to become involved with the CSA, whether as an exec or a member at large. To nominate yourself, send your name, the position you want to run for, and a brief statement as to why you think you would be a good candidate.

Nominations are due by midnight on March 28th. You can send them to classics.students.mcgill (at) gmail.com. Elections will be held a week later, on April 4th—stay tuned for more details, and come vote even if you aren’t running for a position!

The positions are as follows:


President : Runs the show, coordinates things between the CSA, the AUS, the Department of History and Classical Studies, and basically is in charge of more stuff than I can name in one listserv. Responsibilities include: attending departmental meetings, delegating, organizing the Colloquium. Should have leadership skills, organization and love writing/responding to emails.

VP Finance : “oversees the fiscal management of CSA operations.” Basically is in charge of money, budgeting and writing funding applications. VP Finances should be organized and good with math (obviously).

VP Internal : is the liason between the CSA and the department/profs. Also assists the VP Events in planning events, helps with table bookings and fundraisers.

VP External: attends AUS Council meetings, is the liason between the CSA and the AUS. Should not have things to do on Wednesday nights and enjoy student politics!

VP Events : is also in charge of events, of both an academic and social nature. Examples: movie nights, pub nights, anything you can think of! VP Events should be motivated and creative!

VP Communications : writes the listserv in a hilarious, pithy manner; helps with other means of methods of CSA publicity, ex. posters, website, facebook page, etc. Should love puns and dorky Classics jokes.

Secretary: Attends and takes minutes at every CSA meeting. Helps out when needed in all areas of the CSA.

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