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Hirundo Update

hirundo2013cover_0Interviews: Guest Lectures 

Hirundo has wonderful news! The journal will publish a series of interviews with some of the best-known scholars in the field of Classical Studies. If you wish to conduct and interview with a visiting professor, please contact Hirundo’s editor-in-chief at! You can find a list of our upcoming guest lectures and workshops here.


Hirundo is also currently accepting submissions!
This is your opportunity to have your work travel far and wide to reach a large audience and contribute to the development of Classical Studies. Our doors are now open! We welcome submissions of essays, original poetry, plays, Greek or Latin translations, artwork, or original photographs from current students and alumni. Hirundo follows the citation and guidelines of The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition. Please attach a full list of references in bibliographical format.
Papers need to be at least 8 pages long and must have received an A or an A-. Only undergraduate papers are accepted. You may submit maximum 2 papers. All submissions must be in Word (or PDF).
Original photographs may be in colour or black-and-white. Submissions should include an informative caption describing the significance of the photo. All submissions must be in JPEG or PNG format. Keep in mind!–all photos will be reviewed for possible publication on the cover of the journal.
Only submissions sent from your official McGill address will be accepted.
E-mail your work to Submission deadline: Friday 31 October.

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Citizens and Commoners in Ancient Greece, Rome, and China

rsz_document3The McGill Department of History and Classics will be hosting a workshop entitled “Citizens and Commoners in Ancient Greece, Rome, and China” as part of the ongoing Global Antiquities research network. This will take place from October 22-24, with the keynote speech being given by Josiah Ober of Stanford University on October 22 at 17:00 in the Salon of the Desmarais Building (Musee des beaux arts). The full schedule is available here.

“Global Antiquities is a research network that is situated at the junctures of cultural reflection today. Directed by Professors Hans Beck 貝漢思 and Griet Vankeerberghen 方麗特 from McGill’s Department of History and Classical Studies, the network explores the history of ancient societies from a comparative perspective. In doing so, it calls for a sustained study of some of the most basic cultural foundations of the modern world. While aiming at the production of new academic knowledge, the network also employs knowledge of past cultures to make it relevant to the intellectual and moral reflections that accompany forces of globalization.

The symposium is made possible by the Towards Citizenship Trust, generously established by Dr. Yan P. Lin in the Faculty of Arts at McGill University.”


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Ménage à Toga

10390447_10152548388932023_7236173020428358394_nDo you feel like a classical soul in a post-modern world? Wish you could escape to a time when philosophers, artists and scientists lived and collaborated in harmony? Do you think togas are sexy?

The McGill CSA, PSA and HSA want to whisk you back in time to the classical Mediterranean world for a Halloween extravaganza! Don your favourite toga (or bedsheet) and join us for the classiest costume party you’ve ever attended.

Other historical costumes welcome!

Where: Thomson House (3650 rue McTavish)

When: 8pm on October 24

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McGill Language, Literature and Cultures Apartment Crawl

It’s back and better than ever! McGill’s Language, Literature, and Culture (LLC) Associations are pleased to bring you another Apartment Crawl for Fall 2014! This event was named the Most Outstanding Collaborative Event of the Arts Undergrad Society (AUS) and we are thrilled to be bringing it back again.

Proudly presented by…

CSA (Latin/Ancient Greek)
CLASHSA (Spanish/Portuguese)
DESA (English)
EASSA (Chinese, Korean, Japanese)
GSA (German)
RUSS (Russian)
SLASA (Spanish/Portuguese)
MMSA (Spanish)

Come explore the plateau and meet new friends in the language departments at McGill! There will be free food and beverages at each stop, each one themed with the different cultures represented with each. Registration is open to all students!

10$ tickets, available 12-2pm at the AUS lounge starting Monday 10/6!

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Wine & Cheese 2014

1525336_588796024558498_5673995242566158342_nCome imbibe some vinum and indulge in cheese and other foodstuffs this Friday with the Classics Department!

This Friday, October 3rd at 5-7:45 pm, the CSA’s first Wine & Cheese of the year shall take place in Arts 160 (the Arts Council Room). It’s the perfect occasion to engage in the most wondrous of conversations with your fellow Classics peers and profs.

We can’t wait to see you there!

DRESS CODE: Casual formal to as dapper as you wish!